Trumbull Percussion Members

Fall 2014 Members of Trumbull Percussion

Section Leaders:

Nate Gibson & Mary Grace Burdick


Snares –  Charlie, Dan, Anton, and Will H.  

Tenors – Nate and Deaglan
Basses –  Josh, Jake, TaylorAnne, Will R., Jon W., and Justin
Cymbals  –  AJ, Kevin, Patrick, Tommy, Kyle, Rudy, Maddie, and Jack




Marimba – Raman, Mary Grace, and Lena

Xylophone – Chris
Vibes – Julia, JD, Diana, and Jon D.
Tentative Bells/Chimes – Adam
Keyboards – David and Sam
Bass- Rob
Front Percussion Auxiliary – John L. John T., Jeremy, and Matt