About Us

The Trumbull Percussion Ensemble has a history of tradition and excellence in both its fall and winter programs. The ensemble is recognized both locally and nationally for its eleven consecutive appearances at WGI Open Class Finals since 2006. The group began retooling and competing in festival class during the winter 2003 season. The ensemble went back to competing in WGI Scholastic Marching A Class during the winter of 2004, and was quickly promoted to Open Class in 2005. Since then, the ensemble has made eleven consecutive Scholastic Open Class Finals appearances. These include two silver medals, as well as two top 5 finishes! The percussion ensemble has received the Musical Arts Conference Fall Outstanding Percussion Trophy 9 out of the last 11 years! 

For more information regarding our past shows and accomplishments, please visit the Accomplishments page. 

Trumbull Percussion Staff
Fall 2017

Administrative Staff

Peter Horton:  Band Director

Design Team

David Reeves:  Music Arranger
Tim Fairbanks:  Visual Designer

Battery Staff
Chris Pearson:  Snare Technician
Trevor Palmer: Cymbal Technician

Front Ensemble Staff

Grace Rimkunas: Front Ensemble Supervisor, Technician
Tyler Campbell: Technician

Visual Staff

Michael Vita: Visual Supervisor